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Record-breaking heat in Europe spurs dangerous air pollution

Turning up the heat also means turning up the ozone and wildfire smoke.

At Least 7 Hikers Dead After Glacier Collapse in Italy Amid Record Heat

A view of the glacier on Marmolada.Photo: Luca Bruno (AP) At least seven people are dead and five are still missing Tuesday after part of a glacier collapsed in the Italian Alps on Sunday during record-

Waterways in Brazil's Manaus choked by tons of trash

Manaus, Brazil (AFP) July 1, 2022 In Manaus, the largest city in Brazil's Amazon rainforest, tons of stinking trash fill the canals and streams, giving one the feeling that they're visiting a post-apocalyptic wasteland. On the west side of the city, in a poor neighborhood where homes have been erected on stilts, a worker uses an excavator to scoop up a bucket-load of bottles, pieces of plastic and even home appliances that h more

'They're everywhere': microplastics in oceans, air and human body

Paris (AFP) July 3, 2022 From ocean depths to mountain peaks, humans have littered the planet with tiny shards of plastic. We have even absorbed these microplastics into our bodies - with uncertain implications. Images of plastic pollution have become familiar: a turtle suffocated by a shopping bag, water bottles washed up on beaches, or the monstrous "Great Pacific Garbage Patch" of floating detritus. Millions more

Drought-hit Verona introduces restrictions on using drinking water

Rome (AFP) July 2, 2022 The city of Verona, in northeast Italy, on Saturday announced restrictions on the use of drinking water, due to an ongoing drought in the Mediterranean country. "Due to the weather situation and its impact on the water supply, the mayor has signed an order restricting the use of drinking water for domestic purposes," read a message on the city's website. Under the drought order, which la more