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Changing your perspective can help heal wounds.

  Life is not about gaining material items, it is about choices made which effect how we think and view our lives.

Create a physical list of positives

If you are going through changes in your life on planet earth, focus on the positives that are currently happening around you. This can be very beneficial if the changes you are going through are difficult. Creating a physical

Develop a knowledge base of skills

In a world where we are bombarded by media, images, prophecies of doom and gloom  about over population, climate change, etc., what can the average person do 

Help with one of the options to change the climate.

Help with one of the options to change the climate. Tilling the soil disrupts the carbon and releases it. This makes the planet hotter. The Top Crop needs nutrition and it is possible to reverse carbon and provide nutrition for the top crop by planting directly on top of the soil with out tilling. Planting seeds on soil that is not tilled, provides nutrition for a top crop. If we Stop Tilling and plant directly on top the soil, Carbon returns to the soil. Plant directly on top the soil or top crop for carbon to be put back into the soil. Plants take in sunlight and carbon dioxide out of the air to make food.  A Plant needs carbon dioxide to make food, a process called photosynthesis. During this process, much of the carbon is stored in the soil. Farmers around the globe already practice this process and it is working well. Climate change effects can be slowed if we plant seeds on top of the soil. This creates healthier and more nutritious soil and reduces carbon in the atmosphere. Heal