Changing your perspective can help heal wounds.

Life is not about gaining material items, it is about choices made
which effect how we think and view our lives.
Healing begins with positive perspectives of ourselves.
How we view or perceive ourselves as part of an ever changing society. 
Change creates new choices, options and alternatives in social communities.
To heal forward we make solid, thoughtful choices and change our life patterns to
flexible, positive actions. New actions means breaking old negative habits, which 
lead to negative perspectives. Changing your perspective can help heal wounds.
Community healing and self healing begin with the action of change. 
The Earth is changing, which changes our communities and often impacts us with difficulties. We all suffer from the consequences of the many, as our Earth is changing its climate due to our negative life patterns. Earth's changes are already in progress. People need to work together as a global community. 
Scientists have presented many negative outcomes if we do nothing.
 Our home and mother, planet Earth, is where we began as humans. 
We all must take action and change our perspectives on how we treat our planet, 
we have no choice.