Go for it, you can do it.

Taking the big dive. Sometimes taking that next step is challenging but you just have to go for it anyway! Take that next step...

Today is another day for beginning a new adventure.

Today is another day for beginning a new adventure.  The adventure is in taking steps to move forward in life.  Things change on a constant basis and learning how to adapt to those changes is critical. Discovering what likes, interests, and opportunities that are honestly enjoyed, can be challenging.  Goals set yesterday are required to be reestablished  and adapted to what is currently real honest opportunity. Honest opportunity is to look at what is available, the truthful options, not the illusion of options. Discovery is about the truth of what is actually an option.  Choices for the options become clear and a new vision is set. Then the adventure begins again. That is the reality of living. Time to begin.

Sunshine Can Improve Your Mood

Get outside for a bit of sunshine, anytime you can. The feeling of the Sun on Your Face can improve Your Mood. Small amounts of daily sun time helps you get a good dose of  Vitamin D. This is a vitamin your body needs, it is good for your health. However, there's more to gain than just vitamins, Sunshine can lift your spirits. Sunshine helps to brighten up things, setting a new perspective on the moment. Take a walk in sunshine for a great uplifting experience. Sensing your surroundings in nature and all its beauty,  while the sun warms you, can't help but improve one's overall mood. Celebrate life's positive gift of sunshine. Embrace the warmth, comfort and healing aspects that it offers. Just a few minutes a day is good. Too much sun without proper protection, can be a problem. (look into sunscreen options for outdoor activities) Improve your mood by stepping into the sunlight. It can be very effective when dealing with stress or down times. Get outside and enjoy the

Develop a knowledge base of skills

In a world where we are bombarded by media, images, prophecies of doom and gloom  about over population, climate change, etc., what can the average person do  for a better chance of surviving the future. Lets start with health, fitness, nutrition, these help keep the body from injuries, and helps the body to be ready for disaster. Learning survival skills, wood craft, first aid, can give you a knowledge base to  rely on in case of emergency. Learn about the geographical area you live in, and what warning systems are in place for disaster notification. Each geographical location is unique. Some areas for example could have flooding issues,  where you may want to learn how to swim, while others may have fire threats.  Enhancing your fire prevention techniques could help you protect yourself in an area that is prone to fires. Generally speaking, do what you can to learn about where you are at, and take the needed actions now, to help protect yourself later.